May the Fourth is a date celebrated around the world by Star Wars fans. Echoing the benediction of ‘May the Force be with you’, it serves as an in-joke, a greeting and a publicity stunt all rolled into one.

Lucasfilm Ltd. (11), Charles Morgan Smith — Getty Images; Photo Illustration by Kenneth Bachor for TIME

The Star Wars universe is galactically huge, encompassing almost every form of media you care to mention. Movies, TV shows, animation, video games, books, graphic novels, audio drama, theme parks — you name it, they’ve got it! These days, we are spoilt for choice with new shows, comics, books and films being announced every few months. …

While you might expect Tolkein and Martin to be seen sharing a horn of mead in a tavern where the laws of time and space have no meaning, Shakespeare could be thought of as an outsider in this setting. What does he have in common with the other two? It turns out more than you might think.

For the layperson, Shakespeare is shorthand for long boring plays about kings and battles that have no bearing on our world today. For the fantasy fan though, he could be seen as the inspiration for many modern works of epic fantasy.

Consider the…

If you’re wondering whether the tale of a valiant hero slaying a foul fire-breathing, fair-maiden-eating monster is an early example of fantasy fiction, the answer surely has to be in the affirmative.

The legend of St George and the Dragon has roots going back thousands of years, with links to early Christianity. Mention of the story instantly conjures imagery of warriors on horseback attacking airborne scaly giants. In some retellings, it’s a two-headed creature with a man’s body and a serpent’s head. …

A character’s ‘arc’, in short, describes the way in which they develop and/or change in response to the events of your plot. If the person they are when they begin the book is where they ‘launch’ and the person they are at the end is where they ‘land’, then the path from one to the other is their ‘arc’. Every fictional character worth their salt, from Harry Potter to Raskolnikov to Holden Caulfield, has one (even if they ‘land’ back where they started).

Ever since stories were just things we told around the cave fire to distract everyone from Og’s…

Each month, we shine a spotlight on a member of the Heroic team, exploring their role within the company and their background in the creative industries. This month, we chat to Ben Ashurst, Brand and Technology Manager at Heroic Books, to learn more about his role, his career to date, and some of the exciting things Heroic has planned for 2021 and beyond.

Tell us about your professional background and what brought you to Heroic Books.

BA: I discovered Heroic Books through its co-founder, Chris Arnold. Before the pandemic, I was a graphic designer at his other company, Smaller Earth…

Last week, we announced that our first book of 2022 will be Angel from the Rust, the debut novel from American fantasy author, Jason Link. In this interview, we catch up with Jason to discuss his background in writing, his forthcoming fantasy-science fiction hybrid novel, and the authors whose worlds inspired him to create his own.

Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a writer.

JL: When I was a kid, I would walk home from school, dreaming up epic fantasy worlds that grew more detailed and expansive each day. Many years later, I began writing based on…

Heroic Books have acquired world rights to publish American author Jason Link’s compelling debut novel ANGEL FROM THE RUST.

Set in a distant future where WWIII and natural disasters have plunged humanity back into the Dark Ages, Link’s gripping fantasy-science fiction hybrid depicts a society in which modern technology is regarded as ancient magic and those who seek out its forbidden power are captured by the authorities, never to be seen again.

With dangerous new fauna roaming the wilderness alongside once-mythical beasts, a young woman must unlock a hidden power in order to defeat a murderer who has bewitched an…

Jérôme Comentale is a concept artist based in Nantes, France, and an entrant to our inaugural creative campaign, Heroic 100, which seeks out the world’s best fantasy and science fiction artists. We spoke to Jérôme about his journey to becoming a freelance artist, his top tips for aspiring creatives, and his recent work with Heroic Books.

Firstly, tell us how you got into illustration and concept art?

JC: I think my entry to the world of illustration is quite a classic one. I started drawing when I was a kid, but I never thought it was anything that serious. As…

In honour of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing some of the best new and forthcoming fantasy and science fiction books of 2021 by women writers. From tales of crumbling empires to depictions of dystopian futures, this diverse and genre-defining selection of fiction represents both the most anticipated and the most well-received titles of the year.


When Touraine, a soldier trained to fight for the good of the empire, returns to her homeland to put an end to a rebellion, she collides with Luca, a dethroned princess, as their lives become irrevocably intertwined. In this…

Memories of Prophecies is the much-anticipated upcoming novel from American author Davis Ashura, and the follow-up to his incredible 2020 release A Testament of Steel. The latest instalment in his gripping Instrument of Omens series, Memories of Prophecies follows the trials and tribulations of his heroic protagonist Cinder Shade.

Ahead of its publication by Heroic Books on March 25th, we sat down with Davis himself to explore his inspiration, his writing process, and what readers can expect from Memories of Prophecies.

Heroic Books: First off, how would you summarise the plot of Memories of Prophecies, given only one sentence?


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