Acquisition Announcement: FEATHERFALL by Jerry Ibbotson

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2 min readJun 25, 2021

Heroic Books have acquired world rights to publish British author Jerry Ibbotson’s debut fantasy novel FEATHERFALL.

Featherfall is about an angel living in suburbia.

Paul has turned his back on his old life. Now, sought out by forces he thought he’d left behind, he finds himself at the centre of a cataclysm whose name has not been uttered for centuries: Featherfall.

Converging on his home are Owain, a millennia-old Celt hungry for answers; Faye, a grief-wracked widow with nothing left to live for; and Morrison, a twisted outcast driven by pain. Following them are watchful angels, hoodie-clad demons, and, behind it all, a lost ancient who has forgotten what it means to live.

As Midsummer nears, the darkness gathers — but Paul’s got the school run to worry about.

Jerry Ibbotson said: ‘I’m so excited to be working with the team at Heroic on the release of Featherfall. They’ve really got behind the book and their enthusiasm and support have already paid huge dividends as I work through the editing process. I can’t wait until it hits the shelves under their banner and we find out what the rest of the world thinks of the story. It’s a mix of the every day and the mystical, with sword-bearing Celtic warriors and semi-retired angels walking the streets of my home city of York, hotly pursued by some thoroughly unpleasant creatures. I quite possibly won’t be able to eat lunch in this town again.’

Jerry Ibbotson was born in London in 1969. Due to his dad’s job as a weatherman, he moved around a lot as a child, even living on an airbase in Germany for a few years.

He’s been a radio newsreader, a sound nerd in the games industry and even worked in a convent, but writing has always been in his blood. He’s written non-fiction books that sit on coffee tables and penned numerous short stories. He has a Masters in Creative Writing and lives in York, a city drenched in murder and mayhem over the centuries.

FEATHERFALL will be published by Heroic Books in May 2022.

To learn more about Jerry Ibbotson, visit his website or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.



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